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Choosing & using paint colours in your home

Choosing & using paint colours in your home Choosing and using paint colours in your home can be daunting and stressful, right? With the massive ranges of paints and colours available, it’s difficult to know where to start, let alone actually make a final choice. Here are my tips to help simplify the choice so […]

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Interiors | Where To Spend & Where to Save Part Two

Interiors | Where To Spend & Where To Save Part Two In my last post I talked about where to focus your home interiors budget and now here’s my guide to where you can save money!   Kitchen Units A new kitchen can really eat into your budget and although it’s likely to be the […]

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Where to spend and where to save on your interiors project

Interiors | Where to spend & where to save part one Most people have some sort of budget in mind when starting an interiors project, an idea of how much they are able, or willing to spend overall. But with so many demands on that budget that it’s often difficult to decide where to spend […]

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Top Tips for Lighting Interiors

Top Tips For Lighting Interiors Lighting is a subject I love; a carefully designed and well-executed lighting scheme has the power to elevate great interiors to the really exceptional-it literally shows your home in it’s best light! Great lighting can highlight design features, create drama and mystery, heighten the effect of your colour scheme and […]

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